DeEp InTo MaH FrEaKiN LyF

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I'm WiTh my oThEr HaLf! so God damn 4m today we left zambales and i had to endure a 5 hour trip by van and we're so just so thankful im with very cool people and i love them so much..i feel so welcome when im with them..there are really a lot of things i should be happy about...and right now, im with my boyfriend, Cyron, on an internet cafe in Shangrila just to pass some tym coz i still dont feel like going to work...i feel so good just to be with him..but im so freaking pissed off right now!...u know why? well, it's jsut that while im making this post he is freaking busy chatting with a lot of gurls...the nerve! ahehe.....but it's ok with me...i have an itsy bitsy trust with him anyway...and i know he loves me....and it's just harmless chat right? and my negative mind...amm..what else? gosh, i dunno what to say to my uncle when i go home later this morning...i hope he's not mad at me...anyway, im so happy at last i have an online journal! Yippeee!!!! such a freak...neweiz, gotta holla now....time's up! See ya next tym...


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