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Sunday, December 26, 2004

I'm So sEnSeLeSs! I So Hate MySeLf..

here i go again, trying to somehow lessen the sadness and worriness im feeling right now. it's so amazing how someone can be so happy and then all of a sudden, he / she will turn all sorry and sad. that's exactly i am feeling right now. hours ago i was with my family sharing some fun times on a mall, and then here i am, not alone, but still feel so empty and sad. i dunno why. i really dunno. maybe, because of all the problems that i have right now..maybe because of the surrounding..or maybe, i'm just really a hopeless case of a lost i wish i cud just turn back tym and un-do all the stupid things that i've done....and re-think again all the bad and dumb thoughts i had before...and un-break the hearts that ive hurt before.....oh how i wud love to really turn back tym..anyways, it's impossible so i'll just erase that crazy thought...all i have to do, is live my life, face my responsibilities, enjoy all the things that i have right now, and love the people who are sharing their tym with me........hahaha...see how quickly i changed my perspective?hehehe....i'm really such a dumbass....ahehehe..maybe i'm from mars....or from the moon...doesn't matter


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